Ilse & Evgeny: First of all, best costume so far, she looks like Grace Kelly. But then I love how Valentina got right into hold with good frame positioning and she was so graceful and elegant in her hold. 3,945 Likes, 94 Comments - Ilse DeLange (@ilsedelangemusic) on Instagram: “Tonight’s the night! Very dramatic moments but also some great moments in hold; he’s a very strong leading man who looked in control dancing with a powerhouse like Renata. This did feel a little slow motion at times but it was great seeing how much fun Auma was having performing and letting loose. My score: 9, Valentina & Valentin - Salsa: This started off as a classy sensual kind of Salsa which was interesting, but it did pick up the energy and pace as it went on. Lola & Christian Jive: Weird cover of “Wannabe”, this show often pairs songs and dances that don’t go together and sometimes their covers work, sometimes they don’t work. :aha: Oh right…. Simon’s posture needs work, in and out of hold he was hunched a bit and his butt was sticking out. OK he did try and give a good effort with his solo section, and he was into it as he brought power and intensity there at least. Oh dear he got Jacqui’s Samba song… and I don’t know which Samba was worse here. My score: 5/6, Ilse & Evgeny - Cha-Cha: Ooh it was nice seeing this fun side of Ilse after her emotional sensual Rumba the other week. Sign up for a new account in our community. Nicht nur bei Motsi Mabuse und Valentina Pahde kullerten die Tränen, sondern auch bei Profitänzer Evgeny Vinokurov… Auma did well in this for the most part. I liked the feel good vibe here. This was a sweet dance in the style of it. Joachim Llambi, Motsi Mabuse and Jorge Gonzalez are returning as judges. Sometimes her feet weren’t closed or pointed and she could’ve extended her legs a bit more but a solid dance from Valentina. This was fun to watch. She chat about this in our new episode You'll also get exclusive insights into the training of Ilse DeLange and Evgeny Vinokurov, we'll take a closer look at the new professional dancers Malika and Pasha and Katia Convents reveals how the first costumes for a new Let's Dance season are created. She was also really gorgeous and hot in this too. Wow at them both getting 30s already. Score was 5, 5, 3, his highest score so far (how sad). Wer ist diese Ilse, mag sich da der eine oder andere fragen. Visit's I Store to shop for I Live Concert Recordings on CDs, DVDs, MP3s and MP4s. Die Zuschauer waren vor allem von dem Wiener Walzer von Ilse DeLange und Evgeny Vinokurov begeistert. She performed really well with great fun on the out of hold parts too. This wasn’t very good but definitely a point or two better than Mickie. Nach der zweiten “Let’s Dance”-Show erklärt uns der Profi: “Ich bin so erzogen, dass man das nicht immer zeigt. Instagram is very happy to see Marta with a decent contestant, she’s the Emma Slater of Let’s Dance and rarely, if ever, gets a decent partner. My score: 2, Rúrik & Renata - Tango: I definitely expected Rúrik to deliver a strong Tango, an d he certainly did so! Ilse DeLange (* 13. There were times where he seemed really into it that sone parts came off kinda aggressive (though I know thats what the choreo calls for). 18 talking about this. My score: 7/8, Senna & Robert - Jive: A cute and fun dance but overall, this wasn’t too good. Really loved how they attacked those moves - like that part where they leaped in the air together and other moves they id together. So haben wir „Let’s Dance“-Profitänzer Evgeny Vinokurov noch nie erlebt. Ilse DeLanges Worte treffen bei Evgeny Vinokurov ins Schwarze So haben wir “Let’s Dance”-Profitänzer Evgeny Vinokurov (30) noch nie erlebt. Simon & Patricija: Well that was a production! I'm so glad I was able to finally watch. The story they sold and shared was full of meaning and heart. Jetzt das Video 'Ilse DeLange & Evgeny Vinokurov punkten beim Charleston' anschauen Die „Let’s Dance“-Jury ist aus dem Häuschen ⭐ Star-News While Senna wasn’t a robbery, I still would have liked seeing her improve. She sailed and skipped across the floor with strong form and body contact with Valentin. My score: 3, Jan & Christina - Rumba: Putting so many of the worst dancers altogether (with only Lola separating them) is really not a good look. My score: 3/4, Nicolas & Vadim - Slowfox: I wasn’t expecting this for a Slowfox, as I was expecting a softer slower dance from them. Disappointing as she’s currently winning the Week 1 round in my Best Let’s Dance 2021 Routine +/- game. It all felt very Latin dance basic steps 101. Okay dancing from Erol, he was doing a bit of rise and fall which is in the Waltz, not the Viennese Waltz. So haben wir “Let’s Dance”-Profitänzer Evgeny Vinokurov (30) noch nie erlebt. It had a good seamless flow with how they traveled across the floor. Von „Sing meinen Song“ bis Freund – alle Infos zur Sängerin im Überblick. Three women have gone already. Diszipliniert, höchst professionell und humorvoll – so kennen die “Let’s Dance”-Zuschauer den Tanzprofi. Ilse DeLange Photos Photos - Ilse DeLange and Evgeny Vinokurov seen on stage during the 5th show of the 14th season of the television competition "Let's Dance" on March 26, 2021 in Cologne, Germany. - Rurik and Valentina seems like easily and the runaway two best of this season. Ilse DeLange darf ihr Talent an der Seite von Profitänzer Evgeny Vinokurov weiterhin vor der Jury und den TV-Zuschauern unter Beweis stellen. - Are the German voting public allergic or sexist in supporting women? I liked how this dance had a lot of Paso and Argentine Tango content/moves in it, and maybe it felt like those styles more than the stander Tang. There was some improved footwork and hip action but his arms still lack musicality although I did appreciate him trying to do Rumba hands. Glad to see Valentin with another contender, he’s a great pro. Lol Christina doing that long intro to make Jan do even less arcing. Auma & Andrzej: Much improved from last week. Vanessa was a fine first boot. I’m not quite sure if I’d give a perfect 30 this soon, but I’m not mad - I’d go with a mx of 9s and 10s. Some parts she seemed to be lacking grace needed for the style but the intent and effort was there. Sections of this page. This wasn’t good but I id think Jan gave a nice kinda charming performance. His energy will be good for Latin. Deutlich besser aus Sicht der Jury waren neben dem Herrenpaar Schauspielerin Valentina Pahde (26) und Valentin Lusin mit der Salsa (27 Punkte), Fußballer Rúrik Gíslason (33) und Renata Lusin mit einem Tango (26 Punkte) sowie Sängerin Ilse DeLange (43) und Evgeny Vinokurov mit einem Charleston (26 Punkte). Mai 1977 als Ilse Annoeska de Lange in Almelo) ist eine niederländische Sängerin. But ooh dear…. Auma & Andrzej: Salsa to “Quimbara” by Celia Cruz, Simon & Patricija: Cha-Cha-Cha to “Take You Dancing” by Jason Derulo, Nicolas & Vadim: Tango to “Breaking Me” by Topic, A7S, Erol & Marta: Cha-Cha-Cha to “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything” by Barry White, Mickie & Malika: Quickstep to “Help!” by The Beatles, Jan & Christina: Rumba to “Always On My Mind” by Elvis Presley, Kim & Pasha: Cha-Cha-Cha to “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” by Ofenbach & Quarterhead, Lola & Christian: Tango to “Whatever Lola Wants” by Sarah Vaughan, Senna & Robert: Jive to “Einmal um die Welt” by Cro. Ilse DeLange und Evgeny Vinokurov sind ein Herz und eine Seele. Simon & Patricija Contemporary: He’s usually pretty good at the performance part but I felt a disconnection between him and this style, there was one moving lift where he was just walking to the next spot while lifting Patricija. But she looked to have some decent footwork in there and moved well. So I pretty much only follow this season through wii and Instagram updates. But at least he had fun and really got into the dance and had a blast with it. Christina was reallly beautiful and stunning to watch and she pretty much captured my attention in this dance. 18 talking about this. I don’t know anything of their popularity but I see Jan and Kai have landed in the Bottom group a few times already. “Ich bin so froh, mit so einer tollen Frau wie Ilse zu tanzen. His frame and posture seemed a bit shaky, sometimes it looked good and other times he looked a little hunched. Für die letzte Sendung haben die beiden eine emotionale Rumba zum Song "Time after Time" einstudiert. Only thing is that she was smiling in the beginning but that could be from nerves or Valentin grinning like a Cheshire Cat throughout the entire dance . I enjoyed all of their side by side dancing. He just made everything look so effortless and at ease. He did try but he came off overly rehearsed and seemed to lack the natural joy of enjoying himself. Posture and core could still use some work but she’s on the right path. They also kind of remind me of Victoria Swarovski & Erich Klann (Pasha even resembles Erich a bit) but we’ll have to wait and see if Kim will be as versatile as Victoria. Ilse DeLange (43) und Evgeny Vinokurov (30) werden einen Cha Cha Cha zu „Yes Sir, I Can Boogie“ von Baccara tanzen. Nicolas & Vadim Slowfox: Slowfox is another word for Foxtrot over there. Profi-Special 2019 Marta Arndt Evgenij Voznyuk – Profi-Special 2020 Nina Bezzubova – 14 (2021) Ilse DeLange He had great dancing in hold, sharp footwork and he hits his moves with attack and precision to it. Bottom two: Jan & Christina, Kim & Pasha He didn’t move so well and danced uncomfortably. "Ich bin … Ist AWZ-Star Dominik Flade auch privat ein Womanizer? He was doing his own movements…. Hope he can do ballroom as well so we get a Lusin Final! A great moment for Nicolas and he’s showing that he can be a top contender alongside Rúrik & Valentina. Diszipliniert, höchst … But the tricks and flips were all good and fun to watch. A few off parts. Ilse DeLange & Evgeny Vinokurov punkten beim Charleston. Score was 8, 7, 7, which seems fair although she could’ve used another 8. Not sure if it was a 10 like Jorge thought (he throws out high scores like candy) but a definite 9 for the beautiful moments in hold. Good choreography from Kathrin, wish she would get more contenders. Ilse DeLange (43) und Evgeny Vinokurov (30) werden einen Cha Cha Cha zu „Yes Sir, I Can Boogie“ von Baccara tanzen. Das hört man an der hohen Stimmlage. Explosive, hot salsa and lots of energy from Rúrik. He had great precisions in how he executed his kicks & flicks. Man zeigt, dass man immer stark ist.” Das wurde ihm schon in jungen Jahren beigebracht. Lovely dance as well, she’s definitely a ballroom lady and Evgeny’s choreography was great. Valentina & Valentin: The two Vals are paired together . She has great energy and an infectious personality while dancing and performing. Also loved the portrait theme with Marta. 20 PUNKTE: Ilse DeLange und Evgeny Vinokurov (Cha Cha Cha, "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie", Baccara) 19 PUNKTE: Simon Zachenhuber und Patricija Belousova (Contemporary, "I Don't Want To … He did sell and perform it well on the out of hold solo/side by side parts. Yeah this seemed very clonky, heavy and just not springy and light like a Quickstep should be, at least in the in-hold parts. He did well on the side by side solo parts but he did have some synch issues, seem to lack some proper technique and had a few balance/off issues in there. So viel Tiefe in diesem Menschen. I thought Simon partnered Patricija well and he really did well with all of the lifts showcasing lots of strength and impressive lifts throughout the dance, especially that one part where he lifted her above his head. Poor Kathrin, she had a real shot of winning last year with Tijan but they got the James Van Der Beek fate and were a shock elimination in the semifinals. Ilse DeLanges Freund ist nicht nur im Privatleben an ihrer Seite. Evgeny bringt derzeit Sängerin Ilse DeLange das Tanzen bei. Don’t have much hope for Kai to last long. Ooh they did seem to have much more standard Tango towards the end, which was great - as the whole dance was. Kathrin was hot & fierce though. Kathrin was fierce. Yeah his “dancing” was not good here. Hier findet Ihr alle wichtigen Informationen, Ergebnisse und mehr zur RTL-Tanz-Show und natürlich Kommentare. Well, at least Kai wasn’t as cringey and Kathrin gave him more to do than Kym with David but still pretty bad technique. Not sure if her stiffness is his fault though, she wasn’t very good in the launch show either. Kinda surprised this only got a 22, and only one 8 as I felt it deserved more 8s. Along with multiple mistakes, just overall very weak technique and little connection with Robert. Simon & Patricija: Lots of energy just like last week, but a bit clumsy and clompy. My score: 7/8, Mickie & Malika - Quickstep: As I expected this was also really bad. This was a very good Jive to kick off the show. Nicolas really danced well with Vadim, while they were in hold and they were very in sync on the side by side parts. I thought he and Renata had very hot and passionate chemistry. All 10s! Die Sängerin ist seit über 20 Jahren mit Bart Vergoossen liiert, der nicht nur ihr Partner, sondern auch ihr Bandkollege ist. Wahnsinn”, schwärmte er kürzlich auf Instagram. Senna & Robert were in the bottom three and Kai & Kathrin were in the bottom two. Auch wenn es sich so anhört. Very upbeat performance from Simon, his facial expressions were a little exaggerated. Lovely dance as well, she’s definitely a ballroom lady and Evgeny’s choreography was great. It was full of fun, character and so fun to watch. Not sure I’d give it a 10 since it wasn’t totally perfect in my eyes, probably 8-9. My score: 7, Erol & Marta - Viennese Waltz: Definitely a much better dance from Erol. I am also very amused by a Jive to “Dot Worry, Be Happy” as I never would have imagined that in my life but it works with this arrangement. Very accomplished and intricate Tango for Week 1 but Valentina executed it well. It was kinda jerky  but veralp was btter than I expected. Haha they included the judges’ comments in the clip and while it wasn’t understandable being in German, there was a moment when the camera went to Valentina covering Valentin’s (Renata’s husband) ears . Ilse & Evgeny Cha-Cha-Cha: Fun and great energy throughout, lots of Cha-Cha-Cha content with a bit of disco but not so much that it took away from the Cha-Cha-Cha. Evgeny Vinokurov bei Let’s Dance; Staffel (Jahr) Tanzpartner Platzierung 12 (2019) Evelyn Burdecki: 5. Kim’s elimination is sad. Oh he had this pouty lip look which looked weird to me. Auma & Andrzej: A little awkward overall but nice emotion. He needs to calm down and focus on the technique. I should be starting Week 2 in the Best Let’s Dance Routine Game tomorrow if you want to participate. Jan & Christina: Definitely not a dancer, he missed a lot of steps and his technique was very poor. Sängerin Ilse DeLange (43) tanzt mit Evgeny Vinokurov (30): Ja, sie ist ganz aufgeregt. He looked uncomfortable in those parts. She had good le acti and hip action. Score was 5, 5, 3 which is the exact same score as last week. But I do like the cool slick approach they had with this dance. Score was 7, 7, 6, her highest score so far. But I thought she had fun abad was kinda letting loose here. One of the better dances so far. He also reminds me of Mick Jagger. Foto: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images Europe-Pool/dpa Foto: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images Europe-Pool/dpa Zweimal wäre er beinahe eingenickt, doch beim Contemporary von zwei Herren zückt Wertungsrichter Joachim Llambi die Kelle mit der höchsten Punktzahl. How cool that they got the best male and female celeb dancers this season. Senna isn’t going to last much longer with two consecutive bottom three appearances. Love this song for a VW too. Kai & Kathrin Paso Doble: Okay, not as bad as his past dances which I guess is an improvement. Or maybe it was a fluke but she should still be in it. M score: 7, Mickie & Malika - Rumba: Oh dear, I was dreading seeing Mickie’s Rumba. Theres still some awkwardness in his dancing and some of his dancing could have been smoother. My score: 6, Kai & Kathrin - Paso Doble: Lol such a dramatic entrance with him kicking down the gate door. I do love reading all of your updates here, Ariel. Well done to Kai getting this far, but it ws time for him to go even though I think I slightly like him more than Jan & Mickie but i won’t complain. Und als Ilse DeLange genau über dieses Thema spricht, trifft sie bei Evgeny mitten ins Herz. Nicolas & Vadim: They’re alternating who leads and who follows in this dance, I think they’re going to do that in all their dances. She kinda distracted me as I wanted to just watch her in this. Ilse DeLange & Evgeny Vinokurov Cha-Cha-Cha Baccara – Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (von 1977) Mickie Krause & Malika Dzumaev Rumba Elton John – Your Song (von 1970) Rúrik Gíslason & Renata Lusin Jive The Baseballs – Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Cover – Original von 1988) I liked that they di a traditional Paso. Warum es zwischen Ilse und Evgeny einfach passt und was sie zu seinen Tränen sagt, zeigen wir hier unten im Video. My score: 6, Simon & Patricija - Contemporary: This was a very pretty Contemporary from Simon. He messed up quite a bit and didn’t even do the non-Cha-Cha, hip-hop moves well. But she was cute and infectious here with how she performed. The Lusins are giving me Esha vibes with their support of each other . Kim & Pasha give me Abbey & Aljaž vibes and not just because of the song. Valentina & Valentin Rumba: Beautiful movement from Valentina and she had good chemistry with Valentin. Great acting from Senna and in hold, chin could be lifted a bit though. But this was very pretty and enjoyable, and once again they have great chemistry while dancing. Also, Evgeny Vinokurov (last competed in season 12) and Vadim Garbuzov (last competed in season 11) are returning. This was such an intense, powerful and passionate dance and he brought all of those elements to this dance. Bleibt zu hoffen, dass ihr Tanzpartner ihr ein bisschen Ruhe gibt. Rúrik did look and dance the part of a leading man, as he partnered and led the dance well. Für Ilse war das Thema extrem emotional. Malika was a highlight and very hot in her catsuit here. But she had the Disco flair and attitude and she looked like she was having the time of her life here. He’s very likable though and his partnership with Christina is very sweet. Evgeny Vinokurov und Ilse DeLange bei Let’s dance am 19.3.2021 – Foto: TVNOW – Frank W. Hempel. I’m kind of seeing why he never gets a Valentina/Lili Paul-Roncalli/Ella Endlich/Vanessa Mai-type of contender. Ilse DeLange ist bekannt für ihre gute Laune und darf diese nun auch in ihrem Tanz umsetzen. Good chemistry with Patricija though, she’s a very elegant and refined dancer. Her best result happened by accident when she replaced an injured Christina a few years ago and not only made the semifinals with her new partner, Giovanni, but also received her first ever perfect score with him for their first dance together. I thought her Cha-Cha dancing was pretty good for the most part. He did better and seemed to let loose and have fun on the out of hold parts. She seemed to start off fine but then had some stiff and shaky moments. Definitely a let-down from her stunning Waltz last week but not as weak as Jan and certainly not worse than Mickie. showed her off well, but he was very stiff and lacking any Latin feel or rhythm. Still i thought she was better than the bad dancing men. Auma & Andrzej Slowfox: She has good moments and iffy moments. Simon & Patricija Cha-Cha: This was a fun and flirty opening dance. Evgeny bringt derzeit Sängerin Ilse DeLange das Tanzen bei. Simon & Pareicija had great fun chemistry here too. There’s times when she really commits and performs but other times she’s a bit hesitant. Ja, zwischen Ilse und Evgeny stimmt die Chemie nicht nur auf dem Tanzparkett. Also, Lets Dance bei RTL! Ilse DeLange (2018) Karriere. Lol parts of it were kinda cringey and embarrassing. Ilse DeLanges Worte treffen bei Evgeny Vinokurov ins Schwarze. and his own thing. Rúrik & Renata Jive: Wow he is good, like REALLY good! Last season's pros returning: Marta Arndt, Robert Beitsch, Andrzej Cibis, Renata Lusin, Valentin Lusin, Kathrin Menzinger and Christian Polanc. My score: 3, Rúrik & Renata - Jive: I was definitely anticipating and looking forward to Rúrik’s Jive as I know it scored a perfect 30. Well his technique and footwork was very club ky, rough and all over the place. My score: 8/9, Lola & Christian - Viennese Waltz: Ooh another “Stuckwitu” VW. Erol seemed very properly placed and stiff throughout the dance. My score: 5/6, Auma & Andrzej - Salsa: Wow it’s so bold giving Auma so much solo work. Wahnsinn”, schwärmte er kürzlich auf Instagram. Haven’t gotten to watching Week 3 yet, hopefully tomorrow I can finally watch the dances and give my thoughts here. 01:23 Min Deshalb liebt Jan Hofer "Let's Dance" so sehr. And  few moments where it seemed she gassed out in energy in bit which is expected with such a fast complex dance. It was fun seeing her really let loose and show off a different side of her. She had some good and fun moments although some of her dancing did see m a little hectic and messy here and there. Pagina met Video's van optredens en songs van deze Nederlandse zangeres die zowel de gevoelige snaar als het winde onderbuik gevoel kan beroeren. By Surprised Jan was in the bottom two since there’s a lot of positive commentary about his partnership with Christina, guess him being at the bottom of the leaderboard was enough to drop him down there. Senna & Robert: She looked so lost for most of the dance. She messed up the start of the footwork and a bit in the middle but overall pretty strong compared to last week. So viel Tiefe in diesem Menschen. She did seem a little off rhythm, a little stiff and quite posey. It felt like a father/daughter dance. It took a little long for her to recapture it. This was a very steamy Viennese Waltz that I feel I would see on DWTS. Let's Dance 2021: Ilse DeLange bringt Profitänzer Evgeny zum Weinen, für Let's Dance 2021: Ilse DeLange bringt Profitänzer Evgeny zum Weinen. A few awkward moments where she was trying not to get tangled in the footwork and lifts but overall some good potential from her. Mickie’s there too. “Ich bin so froh, mit so einer tollen Frau wie Ilse zu tanzen. He had an okay frame, the footwork wasn’t great but I thought he partnered Christina well. got to talk about Mickie here. Thanks, Ariel! Her energy seemed low at times. I also felt like the pro, Robert, really was out dancing and outperforming her which was also distracting. Ilse DeLange (* 13.Mai 1977 als Ilse Annoeska de Lange in Almelo) ist eine niederländische Sängerin. Da sind große Gefühle vorprogrammiert! Ilse DeLange ist Kandidatin bei der RTL-Show „Let’s Dance“ 2021. “Natürlich ist das Gefühl von Verzweiflung manchmal sehr groß bei mir. So without properly seeing the dances, I’ll provide some thoughts. Der 30-Jährige weiß aber genau, dass man seine Gefühle nicht immer verbergen kann und auch nicht soll – Dafür steht auch “Let’s Dance”! And wow the same song to Clara’s amazing Charleston on Strictly, but I liked how this was very ifferent. 27 talking about this. Rúrik & Renata: Christian may have won the privilege of choosing his partner, but Mr. and Mrs. (or to be more accurate, Herr und Frau) Lusin won the partner lottery this year with Valentina and Rúrik.