In his youth, Rhaegar read the prophecy about “The prince that was promised,” which led him to put more effort towards his warrior skills. Years later, Viserys told Daenerys that Arthur Dayne was the only knight in the realm who was Rhaegar's peer; this turned out, however, to be another of Viserys's poorly informed exaggerations. Aerys II's reign began with great promise, but as the years passed, he slid deeper and deeper into insanity and paranoia. Rhaegar's annulment from Elia Martell in the TV series. Confirmation of exactly what really happened between Rhaegar and Lyanna will have to await the release of the future novels. best. He reveals his identity, that he is Aemon Targaryen. Polygamy, meanwhile, was never specifically outlawed, it just fell out of favor, as the Targaryens were wise enough not to antagonize the Faith again by taking multiple wives (in contrast, they already had an incestuous bloodline, and who they subsequently married wouldn't change that - but they could chose not to take more than one wife). Using his Greensight, Bran looks back through time again to see the secret wedding of Rhaegar and Lyanna in front of a weirwood heart tree. Jon, however, who has mutually fallen in love with Daenerys, rejects the crown. When Daenerys entered the House of the Undying, one of the visions featured Rhaegar Targaryen naming his son, Aegon, and referring to him as “The prince that was promised.” This vision was left out of the TV series (as was the Red Wedding vision), presumably to not spoil any shock effect from future episodes. Even if Rhaegar polygamously married Lyanna in the books, Jon's enemies would always say that Rhaegar couldn't lawfully do that because it is against the rules of the Faith, and rebel movements would use that argument against them. The practice of marrying noble lords and ladies to further alliances is common practice in the world of Game of Thrones. Prince Rhaegar Targaryen was the eldest son and heir of King Aerys II Targaryen, by his sister-wife Queen Rhaella Targaryen. Elia Martell had very frail health, however, and her first two pregnancies nearly killed her, and the maesters said she would not survive another. Yet, from everything we know about Rhaegar, his kind heart and generous spirit doesn’t bode well with the image of a lust-driven kidnapper. His connection to House Targaryen stems from his promise to his sister, Lyanna, that he would protect their son. King Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark speak about Rhaegar while visiting Lyanna's tomb at Winterfell. As the heir to House Targaryen, he was also the Prince of Dragonstone. Jun 19, 2014 - Explore Alpehedetti Neychiloska's board "Rhaegar Targaryen" on Pinterest. This page depicts about his role in … While what exactly Rhaegar did with Lyanna hasn't been established by the current books, it is doubtful that he got an "annulment": marriage and annulment do not work like that in Westeros. Appeared in Prince Daemon Targaryen is the second son and spare heir of King Aerys II Targaryen, and the estranged younger brother of Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. In time, Aerys became physically abusive to Rhaella, and from her screams, it was an open secret in the Red Keep that he raped her on several occasions. Status While it’s known that Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon were best friends, the two had some very different feelings about House Targaryen. Sources: Awoiaf Westeros, Game of Thrones Wikia, Nerdist, Vanity Fair. He was highly skilled at playing the harp as well, and would often go out into the streets of the capital city disguised as a common minstrel to play and sing for passers-by. Cersei, who was infatuated with him, remembers Rhaegar as the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Rhaegar I Targaryen; King of Meereen, Descendent of the Mother of Dragons. In an effort to hide his identity, his silver hair was dyed blue and he was going by the name of Young Griff. The Valyrian ancestors of House Targaryen regularly incest, marrying brother to sister (or as close a relative as possible), but were also known to practice polygamy - it was comparatively uncommon, but not unknown either. That day, men fought and died for Rhaegar because they believed in him and loved him. Rhaegar Targaryen was the son and heir of the “mad King” Aerys II and Queen Rhaella, and the older brother of Viserys and Daenerys. Gregor killed Rhaenys and baby Aegon while their mother Elia watched helplessly, then raped Elia, before killing her too.[11][6]. It was said that Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna Stark, who was betrothed to Robert Baratheon. It was later believed that Aerys did this in a fit of paranoia that Tywin was trying to usurp his throne. One time, he gave it to an orphanage in Flea Bottom. Around the same time, Petyr Baelish recounts the events of the Tourney at Harrenhal to Sansa Stark while visiting Lyanna's tomb in the crypts below Winterfell. The Faith of the Seven in Westeros strictly forbids both of these practices, and Aegon tacitly seemed to give the promise that the new Targaryen dynasty would stop following them. In a world filled with war hammers, swords with names, and badass dragons, you wouldn’t think homosexuality would be a huge part of the storyline. He names the child 'Jon Snow'[16] and raises him in Winterfell.[2][3]. - so far, the only point in the entire novel series that its title "A Song of Ice and Fire" has been mentioned in the text.[29]. Stunned, Bran explains to Sam that Robert's Rebellion was built on a lie: Rhaegar didn't kidnap and rape Lyanna, she loved him. {Viserys Targaryen}{Daenerys Targaryen} Lyanna Stark did not survive much longer than Rhaegar: after arriving at King's Landing in the aftermath of the sack, her brother Eddard rode south with his companions searching for her, before finding her at the Tower of Joy in the western mountains of Dorne, protected by the last of the Targaryen Kingsguard, the legendary Ser Arthur Dayne and Ser Gerold Hightower, who had secretly been ordered by Rhaegar himself to keep her (and her unborn child) safe. The beginning episodes of the series were filled with them bumping heads over what should be done about Daenerys Targaryen. "Winter Is Coming""The Kingsroad""Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things""Fire and Blood""Mad King Aerys""Robert's Rebellion""House Targaryen""House Baratheon""Greyjoy Rebellion""House Tyrell""House Clegane""Walk of Punishment""Mhysa""House Frey""Robert's Rebellion II""The Riverlands""Two Swords""The Wars To Come""Sons of the Harpy""Oathbreaker""The Great Tourney at Harrenhal""House Dayne""The Little Birds""Eastwatch""The Last Dragons""Winterfell""A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms""The Last of the Starks""The Iron Throne" Many years later, Jaime bitterly muses that Rhaegar was right - when the battle ended, changes were indeed made, though not exactly what Rhaegar had in mind. Thousands died due to Rhaegar's actions (or inaction), ending in his death, the overthrow and exile of what was left of his family, and (indirectly) resulted in the murder of Elia and their two children together. He asks the skeptical Bran if he can use his powers to check what really happened. Cersei Lannisterwho was infatuated with him, remembers Rhaegar as the most beautiful man she'd ever seen, as did Jon Connington - he believed that Elia Martell was an incompatible wife for the Prince of Dragonstone. Noble houses and common people alike were loyal to Rhaegar, and it wasn’t until his death at the hands of Robert Baratheon that the tide began to turn. FEEDBACK TO YOUTUBE:Why did you demonetize my channel? He was the older brother of Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen and the husband of Elia Martell, with whom he had two children, Rhaenys and Aegon. Jon reveals Rhaegar didn't rape Lyanna and they were in love. Lyanna made Eddard promise to keep him safe, because if Robert ever found out that Rhaegar had a surviving heir, he would kill him - not least of which because, as Rhaegar's lawful son, he was the real legitimate heir to the Iron Throne, ahead of Rhaegar's younger siblings. While Cersei is utterly disgusted with the common people and feels much more at peace inside The Red Keep (and sitting on The Iron Throne), Rhaegar Targaryen actually enjoyed spending time amongst his subjects. {Aerys II Targaryen} Jon reacts incredulously, doubting his father would lie to him all his life, but Sam says that Ned lied to protect Jon from Robert Baratheon, who would've killed him if he had found out the truth. As Elio and Linda point out, changing this to an "annulment" from Elia Martell first solves nothing: now, Jon's enemies can simply argue that the annulment from Elia was unlawful - given that she obviously produced two children for Rhaegar already including a son- and thus his second marriage to Lyanna was bigamous (and unlawful once again). News on all your favorite celebs, reality TV, and movies. 280 AC[1] at the TridentStruck in the chest with a warhammer by Robert Baratheon during the Battle of the Trident {Rhaella Targaryen} Rhaegar even named his first two children after the original trio of the War of Conquest generation: first his daughter Rhaenys, then his son Aegon (though in the original trio, Visenya was actually the eldest, Rhaenys the youngest). The streak of madness within House Targaryen is most likely due to the incest factor, and even Cersei Lannister referenced the fact that “Every time a Targaryen is born the Gods flip a coin.” Yet, Rhaegar Targaryen seemed to be on the side of the sane during his time. Baelish recalls how the entire crowd of hundreds of people fell silent at this shocking action. Category: Friends and companions of Rhaegar Targaryen. After the Baratheons overthrew the Targaryens in Robert's Rebellion, history became biased in favor of the victors: Rhaegar became remembered as a villain second only to his insane father the Mad King, and people believed Rhaegar brutally abducted and raped Lyanna Stark and left her for dead. In Game of Thrones she even allowed the people to carry her through the crowd (even though her advisors didn’t think it wise), and in the book series she even mingled among her subjects that were stricken with disease. There is a conspiracy theory surrounding his harp since it was referenced so much in the book series, and yet was never spoken of again after his death. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Rhaegar Targaryen was known to be a true believer when it came to prophecies, and was even said to help to make them come true. Born from tragedy, this might be the reason behind the immense age gap between him and his siblings, Viserys and Daenerys. Yet, his death marked that he couldn’t have been the one spoken of in the prophecy. Sansa accuses that Rhaegar "chose" her aunt Lyanna, then kidnapped and raped her - to which Littlefinger silently gives a wry look, as if he doubts that, but doesn't explain further.[23]. During this early phase of the rebellion, Aerys II continued to think of Robert Baratheon as just an outlaw lord, but after he defeated all of the local royal armies thrown at him and crossed north of the Trident, Aerys finally realized that this was the worst revolt the Targaryens had faced in over a century. What could possibly have motivated Rhaegar to not only elope with Lyanna, but fight a war to keep their marriage a secret, remains unknown. The rubies were knocked off and glittered the crossing, which they later named, the Ruby Ford. Rhaegar Targaryen was the firstborn son of the Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen and Queen Rhaella Targaryen. Yet, there are a number of homosexual characters throughout the series, and they aren’t just featured in Little Finger’s brothel. Barristan tells Daenerys about Rhaegar's love of singing and playing the harp. - strongly implying that his dying word was "Lyanna". Rhaegar owned night-black plate armor, with the three-headed dr… Although he hasn’t been featured in the series, his storyline has been a driving force that has shaped the world of The Seven Kingdoms. [6] Unknown to all, Lyanna had actually desired to leave with Rhaegar, and they ran off together to the Red Mountains of Dorne. It has been known as the "Ruby Ford" since. Yet, Ned Stark was willing to forego his title of Hand of the King in order to not be part of that murder. As a boy, he was able to impress the maesters with his wit. Yet, Young Griff was also left out of the series, and the entire voyage storyline with Tyrion Lannister was given to Ser Jorah Mormont instead. [19][2], When Bran Stark shows Osha the tombs under Winterfell, he gives a quick summary of the events leading to the civil war: how Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna, who was betrothed to Robert Baratheon, and the Mad King then killed Lyanna's brother and father, triggering the war. Yet, the majority of fans are rooting for Daenerys to take her rightful seat on The Iron Throne. Hij was de vierde zoon van Maekar I Targaryen.1 1 Uiterlijk 2 Biografie 2.1 Jonge jaren 2.2 Koningschap 3 Huwelijk en kinderen 4 Bronnen en voetnoten Aegon had blauwe ogen, donkerblauw, bijna op het purperen af. Still, Rhaegar's great love was always reading and music, preferring the harp to the lance, and he rarely participated in tournaments, because he never loved the song of swords the way that Robert or Jaime did. It was rumored that Jaehaerys II forced the match because he had heard a prophecy from a woods witch that the Prince That Was Promised would be born of their bloodline. Robert Baratheon seemed to loathe Cersei, Margaery Tyrell couldn’t stand King Joffrey, and even Little Finger wound up pushing Lysa Arryn out of the Moon Door. The three children of Rhaegar Targaryen: Rhaenys, Aegon and Aegon. Years of bearing armor and a strict daily regimen have made her the pinnacle of athletic pursuits, a detail that is maintained throughout her rule. 14 talking about this. See more ideas about a song of ice and fire, game of thrones art, asoiaf. Daenerys's second vision of Rhaegar in the House of the Undying was of a man resembling Viserys but taller than him, with dark indigo eyes, and a woman nursing a newborn babe in a great wooden bed. His younger brother Viserys later grew to closely resemble him in his features, though he was a poor copy - shorter and more spindly than Rhaegar, with lilac eyes. 7 When he went out to sing in Flea Bottom, he would usually give away any money he had earned from it - sometimes to the next minstrel on the street, or to an orphanage (one time he used it to get very drunk with Barristan, though that might also be an example of him treating his friends well). Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Rhaegar Targaryen/Harry Potter; Summary. At the end of Season 6, fans discovered that Rhaegar Targaryen was actually the father of Jon Snow, after having intimate relations with Lyanna Stark (the sister of Eddard Stark). For three centuries, the Targaryens had continued to incestuously marry brother to sister to keep the bloodline pure in the tradition of their Valyrian ancestors. Rhaegar is known for three things: his beauty, his skills on the battlefield, and his love for singing. To protect his sister's son, Eddard departed with Rhaegar and Lyanna's newborn child and took him back to Winterfell. Ze stierf in de bergen van Dorne1 en in tegenstelling tot de tradities werd ze in de crypten van Winterfel begraven.2 1 Persoonlijkheid 2 Uiterlijk 3 Biografie 4 Stamboom 5 Bronnen en voetnoten Lyanna was dol op bloemen 2. Young Cersei asks Maggy if she will marry the Prince as her father desired. Portrayed by The story of Summerhall is actually intricate in itself because it came into ruin due to King Aegon V. In an attempt to hatch dragon eggs using wildfire, a massive fire ran through the castle and killed a great many people (including the famous knight, Ser Duncan the Tall). In the books, Amory Lorch killed Rhaegar's daughter Rhaenys, while Gregor Clegane killed his infant son Aegon, and then raped and killed Aegon's mother. The Mad King then brutally executed both of them by burning Lord Rickard alive with wildfire in front of the Iron Throne and baiting Brandon into strangling himself to death in an effort to save his father. He had long, elegant fingers, and was taller than his younger brother, Viserys, would be in his adulthood. Rhaegar was brave, kind, and wise and most looked forward to the golden era that would assuredly begin when he would ascend to the throne. Rhaegar had silver-gold hair and dark indigo eyes, and was considered to be tall and handsome. One huge landmark that has yet to be depicted in the opening credits of the series is the Ruby Ford. A stunned Daenerys states that Jon, as the trueborn son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, is the "last male heir" of House Targaryen.[28]. “Forged through Fire and Blood, my memory as Father of the Targaryen Dynasty will go down as the epitome of greatness, known throughout history.” - King Rhaegar I Targaryen to the various Lords at King’s Landing during the King’s speech that announced the Targaryen Dynasty. Rhaegar Targaryen Lyanna StarkElia MartellCersei LannisterJaime LannisterRobert Baratheon Whatever the case, because there is no precedent for how an annulment affects children of a marriage, Game of Thrones Wiki will not treat Rhaegar's two children with Elia as retroactively bastards, until directly confirmed otherwise by the TV series (anything else would be an assumption). At the same tourney, King Aerys announced that he was naming young Jaime Lannister to the Kingsguard. From The Wall being enchanted by magic to the massive statue of The Titan of Braavos, all of these details only help to create added life into the world of Game of Thrones. However, there are some characters that have had a profound effect on the show, even though they haven’t appeared on a single episode. Rhaegar and Robert spotted each other across the battlefield and rode out to fight, resulting in an epic duel which raged for hours as the battle dragged on around them. Neither Rhaegar's allies nor his enemies could ever explain in later years why such a promising young prince would suddenly abduct Lyanna Stark, as it didn't seem in his character. Rhaegar's army was fresh and slightly larger, but Robert's was more battle-hardened, and they slowly gained ground. Previously, Devin Oliver and Wilf Scolding were the speculated casting choices for Rhaegar. Game of Thrones Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Rhaegar, however, was apparently deeply troubled by the prospect of turning on his own father, and passed up multiple opportunities to do so - probably hoping, like the rest of the realm, that Aerys would just die of natural causes before the situation got so bad that he was forced to make such a harsh choice. It all started at the Tourney at Harrenhall when Rhaegar won the jousting contest and bestowed the title of Queen of Love and Beauty to Lyanna Stark. His sister, Daenerys Targaryen, is often compared to Rhaegar as a compliment. The beautiful Rhaegar had deep purple or indigo colored eyes. They stayed at a relatively small castle Rhaegar named the Tower of Joy. Wilf Scolding, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, the last Prince of Dragonstone, was the eldest son and heir to King Aerys II Targaryen, the Mad King. Barristan mentions that Rhaegar never liked killing but instead loved singing.