See Content You’ve Recently Deleted on Instagram. Sharing the vacation pictures on Instagram, the star said, "With the #team ! Washington home for sale, Westmoreland Co. pharmacy accused of price gouging during pandemic, must pay back customers, Do you use Instagram? Why don’t you know if it’s legit or not? 20usd and it’s already a lifetime offer blah blah blah, you just have to post etc. Except, I have to only pay for the shipping fee and earn some percentage if someone buys the stuff using my code. ✔ On top of it, Top Ambassadors will be given a chance for an all expense paid Travel to Bora Bora, Hawaii, Palawan, Maldives and Santorini, Note: I will be giving you a discount code to avail our products 100% FREE. The Instagram Brand Ambassador Scam Exposed – Just Pay For Shipping Huh? Many thanks. Here’s our exciting offers, so joining the ambassador team at Bonali is probably one of the COOLEST OPPORTUNITY OUT THERE!! Thanks! Wish to see you succeed more. Because if you have lost money then I’m pretty darn sure you will want it back! Always use a delivery locker, or similar to receive the package. That’s no good for you though because although you’ll have had a one-time payment, once that’s paid you’re not going to be getting any more money unless you actively seek other brands to pay you again. On November 17, Tuesday, the actor took to her Instagram handle and shared a groupfie with her team. Recurring income or pay per sale income sounds much better right? Hi Dale, just finished reading everything you wrote here. ️ From there, the fake account encouraged her friends to apply for a grant through a fake program called the World Wide Fund, which they claimed helps people like widows, the disabled and unemployed financially. An unedited photo of Khloé Kardashian hit the internet, and her team quickly sprang into action to take it down. Katrina wrote in her caption, " five days in the Maldives with this amazing team … Her friend’s fake account also had a misspelling, so that’s a key red flag to look for. Glad you dodged it, and yep – that’s the important point. Sadly though this is just a trick that the scammers use to build a big follower base in a short amount of time, and then once they’ve gained that follower base they then move on to pushing these brand ambassadors pay for shipping scams. They have been around since 2017 so not really new. we thought the activcam thing would be a scam and you have confirmed it. But how do you spot a legit Instagram brand ambassador opportunity from a fake one? Did you not read my article above? , You’re welcome, I’m glad you didn’t pay it , Anyone knows if equinoxplay speaker is legit or fake. I didn’t get scammed myself but it seemed too good to be true. I’d also really appreciate it if you could please share this post in as many places as you can to prevent others falling victim to this brand ambassador scam too! __________________________ Romana feels that her work becomes lighter because of her team, as per her Instagram post today, Nov. 11, where she showed a photo of them. i was just about to give my card details..then i had a thought ….checked on google if its a scam and read this . She said that Richie Feelings Instagram Live video had insinuated that the dance troupe was dissolved because of ingratitude and that his comments hurt the dancers. yep. If you paid via direct bank transfer then the chances are you will not be covered by any protection. If you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. On the fake account there was no "i" in Angie, so it was “Ange Moreschi.”. But anyway i was thinking about that one week and now i found this website so thank you !!! You see the scammer (aka the person offering you the brand ambassadorship opportunity) will come at you with some sort of seemingly amazing offer, just like the one pictured below offering the opportunity to get free Wayward Wristwatches: Sounds good right? ?I don’t know if it’s legit so please if ANYONE know something let me know.. That’s a scam too. If you made it via a bank transfer then sorry, but your chances of getting it back are pretty darn slim. Valeria Giraldo made the announcement that she will share a new snap with her 115,000 Instagram followers. Do you have any idea if they are a scam or not? Equinox play Bluetooth speaker, another ambassador scam with the shipping. They wanted me to put in THREE orders (25$ shipping) rather than 1 order with just the shipping. All I have to do is post pictures… I’m really not sure if this is real or not. You just help me dude.. Whether that be for products, shipping, whatever… If they are asking for money upfront DO NOT proceed. And even if these ,”products,” do come to my house I will use them if I need them but I will not be promoting them after I no what I no now… smh. The person asked me to be part of their brand ambassador. Instagram guru and author Rachel Hollis said she is sorry after she appeared to attribute a famous Maya Angelou quote to herself on her Instagram account, while simultaneously blaming it on her team. Instagram "Mountains of love for this birthing dream team!" Thought it sounded to good to be true. Sounds good to you? Here’s a scam you need to look out for and how to protect yourself, VIDEO: Ryan Shazier retires from Steelers years after horrific in-game injury, DOWNLOAD the Channel 11 News app for breaking news alerts. Steer clear of those if you happen to come across them. Thanks for your comment Anita, and yes for sure – feel free to share the article & help spread the word. This helped me from being scammed by Palmpe official, thank you! I am sorry to have to be abrupt, but this is important for you to learn otherwise you will just end up getting scammed again. I’m really greatful. When he entered the code it removed the price of the watches but left the shipping fee… Naturally he thought he was getting a good deal & the website was setup to make it all seem legit, but it wasn’t… And he sadly got conned out of the money for shipping – no watches ever turned up. Hey recently even I was approached by these ppl? When she declined and said it made her uncomfortable, they disabled her account. Instagram Help Center. You just helped me dodge a bullet thank you. I was this close to making that mistake. Just tell them that you’ve decided to pass up on the opportunity, you don’t need to saying anything else. Its actually fake right ??? Thank you. If you don’t, don’t worry, we have other solutions! ... and a travel enthusiast from Brooklyn, NY. Dale Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Earlier today, the Be The One crooner took to her Instagram handle to share several photographs from her Grammys 2021 performance to celebrate the achievement by penning a sweet note for her entire team. They said I get 50% off and free shipping if I become an ambassador? This issue needs to be addressed and I want to thank you for writing this article. It depends on how you paid, Esther. Thanks for posting this, Thanks for the heads up on that one Vicente . Needless to say, her fans loved it. That’s why she believed they made their own videos. Hit me up for the details so you can get to know more. I continued with the program for 2 days and quickly backed out. A STUNNING football fan has promised to post a sexy snap for her followers if the goal-shy centre-forward from her team scores. Their Instagram looks quite established and they have reviews on it. I didn’t think I was going to get accepted, when I actually was I was like “This has to be not true” (actually I searched those cameras and they were like 19$ on Amazon, the same exact model). Hi! If you already have a product, please, can you send us a picture of it with your name written on a paper and the product clearly visible? Either way, the easiest way to find out is to simply contact your bank & ask them. If you have an Instagram account with any sort of reasonable size follower base then the chances are that you’ve been approached by various people whether through direct message or comments asking you to work with them as one of their brand ambassadors…. Thanks buddy. The only difference were a couple of typos. i got conned by them. We’ll be giving you 3 free jewelries of your choice. 80% of the fee will go to these charitable institutions to help the children in need. I’ve said it time & time again throughout the post & in the comments, if you have to pay ANYTHING, it is NOT legit. We will give you our limited edition $125 watch for in 100% discount and in exchange we only ask you to send us a photo with you and your watch as soon as it arrives and also cover the small shipping fee will that be okay with you? Secondly I would like to stress that what you have mentioned sounds extremely suspicious, and I do personally suspect it to be a scam. ...and begin transforming your ideas into income? _________________ Is this legit? No doubt it will be when you take a closer look into the account that you come to realize it is definitely not real – but even then it can be hard to tell the difference as some of the fraudsters’ accounts can be pretty convincing. Wish I would have seen this first. Is the account following a suspiciously large amount of people? Heres what they told me and after reading this Im definitely having my doubts, thabks anyway. So if that’s the case then you should take a closer look into the account that’s offering you the opportunity…. I paid under $100 dollars and am content with taking the loss over continuing with the program. Even though that deep down you likely know there’s something dodgy going on they’re merely hoping that their offer sounds so good that you’ll just be “tempted” into paying the seemingly small amount of cash to see if it’s actually legit (which I can 100% confirm it isn’t). ——————- Help Center; What's New. The best advice is to protect yourself before you have a problem by using a two-step authentication process whenever you can. ✔ We will also help you in growing your followers on Instagram by simply featuring you to our stories and posts on our main page @bonali.official I almost fell into their trap I will always remember this line, “should never have to pay anything”. I’d definitely recommend contacting your bank & seeing if there’s anything they can do, but often most bank transfers are final & there is very little protection surrounding them. Also I have recently received this message on Instagram, just wanted to check this was fake: Do More with Reels. I’m a Brand Manager of Bonali, a women’s fashion jewelries. Hi there, I just got approached by a Instagram page called “recruiting ambassadors” asking me to be a ambassador for another page called “palmpe” also asking me to cover the shipping fees for jewelry and upon googling their name I came across this article, so thank you so much cause I’m pretty sure now that they are a scam! God bless you man, Jesus loves you I don’t no if you are a believer or not.. hopefully you are.. and keep on making people aware of tis craziness…. Invite Up to Three Guests to Join Your Live Room. Aside from promoting our brand, we are also doing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as to helping to fund these charitable institutions. , The Instagram Brand Ambassador Scam Explained   |   How To Tell If a Brand Ambassador Opportunity Is Real   |   A Better Way To Make Money From Instagram   |   How To Get Your Money Back   |   The Bottom Line. If you do that, then they’ll let you keep the watches as payment… So that’s 5 watches which equates to around $400… Not bad huh? He later found out it was all fake. In a true deal, the company would cover the entire cost of the item & shipping – and for safety, you should NEVER have an item shipped directly to your home address. I was skeptical about these “offers”, as I hadn’t been on Instagram all year. If however, you made the payment by other means through a 3rd party merchant such as PayPal then you may be in luck – because you have an intermediary you can contact that often has the power to reverse the funds. ... writing on Instagram… ✔ We will also be doing monthly activities and loyalty programs to reward our loyal customers and give out coupons, gift cards which you can also giveaway to your followers You’re very welcome, thanks for commenting . However I didn’t realise that I was going to get conned £50 only to recieve 3 out of the 5 products I’d ordered, all of which were cheaply made items from Aliexpress, one of the products was broken and I wasn’t even able to return it! Decided to make research as usual and I found this. Thanks again, I got acepted to be an ambassador…. The same goes with Bitcoin – if you paid with Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) then sorry, but the money’s probably as good as gone. They said I would get $300 right after the order via PayPal. This saved me from being Conned By the Activ Cam (Dylo cam) ambassador thing thanks!. Well, that’s exactly what you can get through affiliate marketing. This is DissociaDID’s latest response/reaction to recent events regarding Nan’s drawings. I was this close to filling my card details…. Almost gave out my dad’s credit card number. The Sucker singer took to his Instagram and shared a 'happy' family photo and revealed spending some quality time with … Sorry to hear that Kelli but thanks for the comment, hopefully it helps stop others from falling for it. I filled the form for be ambassador but when they acepted me i was really surprised becauce i have just 1300 followers on instagram, anyway i wanted to order it but when i saw i have to pay shiping i thought straight away thats fake. . Made it to 10k on Instagram and then I got this activcam message thing. Corbett and her team of scientists at the National Institutes of Health worked fervently over the last 11 months to develop a viable vaccine in record time. Emirati Designer Yasmin Al Mulla & Dior Team Up For A New Fragrance. So be sure to write exactly what happened, what you thought you were going to get & the important bit, which is what you actually got. If a person or company is telling you that you need to pay anything upfront to get on board with their brand ambassadorship opportunity (no matter what the excuse is) then it is likely a fraudster trying to scam you. ArtReview News 07 April 2021 Great!. Which is why I want you to take a moment right here & now to share this post with any of your friends. What about it? I should’ve seen this before making a deal. Uhm I was asked to be an ambassador for a jewellery company, I don’t know if it’s legit or not… Please help me…. They should cover all of the costs involved and if they do not then you should simply ignore it & move on. On November 18, Wednesday, the actor took to her Instagram handle and shared a series of pictures from her recent visit to Hidimba Temple in Himachal Pradesh. I put up my best but really like social media. Sarah Mapp, general manager of store #1630 in Atlanta, Georgia, shared her take on the importance of the value “Do the Right Thing” and how she uses this value to create a culture of family and support among her team. Unfortunately, Morsechi was not as lucky. Now it’s time to discuss how you can go about getting your money back if you’ve already fallen victim to the brand ambassador scam. Instagram sent her an email asking that she attach a photo of herself holding a government issued ID to verify her identity. His daughter, Mallory, is very successful in her own right – just for a slightly different reason. P.S. Sorry you had to lose out Kelli but you have saved many others. Britney Spears' father has filed a defamation lawsuit against the guy behind an Instagram account who claimed the singer's team doctors her Instagram page to make her … Now they are legit that I know of but, after I got accepted I was told that I needed to buy the products and would only get 10% off them. After reading this, I felt like you could be right. You are a life saver thanks, You’re welcome, glad you managed to dodge it . You really saved me here! This article helped me to get out of it and from losing more money. So, for example, the likes of Amazon have an affiliate program which you can sign up to – and if you do then you get a unique link to their products which you can share… Then as per the image below, if somebody clicks that link & makes a purchase, you get paid. And by introducing recurring income or pay per sale income you’ll be able to leverage your efforts & massively scale up your income – which is pretty much the same way I managed to build an income of around $10,000 per month. I got acepted to be an ambassador…. I’m in a situation where I became an ambassador for a small company. We are currently looking for Brand Ambassadors who are willing to represent our brand name, Bonali. We require all our Ambassadors to have at least 1 product of Yukio Hishika™ brand in their dressing-room, bought either in our retail store or online.