Choose between 530 hp, 590 hp, 660 hp or 770 hp outputs. Also new is the G33 gearbox that is able to handle the high torque of the new V8. Page 1 of 3. The new V8 has a torque of max 3700 Nm. 27 September 2020. The first member of the new range – G33CM Opticruise – is linked to the updated Scania V8 engines (see release 20-19) and Scania’s high-output 500 and 540 horsepower 13-litre engines. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. With sales commencing in October 2020, the first version of the new gearboxes can be coupled with three of Scania’s four new Euro 6 V8s and two inline six engines. The range-topping member of Scania’s V8 family is the new DC16 123 engine. will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. 209 were here. Four New V8 Engines From Scania Including Record Horsepower Model. The ongoing development of Scania V8 engines by the company’s team of engineers continues into the 2020s, resulting in even more fuel-efficient engines suited for the most demanding transportation tasks. Browse our inventory of new and used SCANIA Trucks For Sale near you at Hello, here is the first version of the new released Scania 770HP engine. The new V8 has a torque of max 3700 Nm. A major difference between them is that the 770 horsepower V8 is based on the same, updated platform as the rest of the new V8 range. Scania introduces a range of high-tech gearboxes. It produces that power at 1,800rpm, and peak 3,700Nm of torque at 1,000-1,450rpm. With the extra dosing, the evaporation of the AdBlue is improved during low load cycles as the tempe­rature is higher near the outlet manifold. Mostly tippers this week includng Foden, ERF, Renault, Guy and Mitusbishi! The updated V8 range is now equipped with a new high-pressure fuel pump where the pumping elements are individually controlled via Active Inlet Metering (AIM). “We build upon Scania’s vast V8 experience and continue to improve what generations of skilled engineers have learnt, created and achieved before us,” says Göran Lindh, Chief Engineer for Scania’s V8 engines. All the pics are at the bottom if you scroll down! Throwback Thursday: Looking back at Truck & Driver June 1993 and the launch of the new ERF EC range, with the Cummins-powered EC14 500! As Alexander Vlaskamp explains, this latest investment is firmly in line with Scania’s commitment to continuous improvement: “The development of a new range has been absolutely necessary,” states Vlaskamp. An important aim when designing modern, high-performance engines is to reduce internal friction. Scania has added a new solution where AdBlue fluid is injected twice; once directly after the exhaust brake, with a second dose at the regular position within the silencer itself. A HiVision virtuális valósága és a V8 robosztussága előtt nem létezik megoldhatatlan feladat. power: 770 hp (566 kW) at 1800 r/min Max. Our famous Scania V8s are without comparison when both transport efficiency and load carrying capacity are in the equation,” concludes Göran Lindh. Description: Mod adds 770 engine, gearboxes and accessories for default Scania S & R 2016. It does not generate more noise, rather it is the result of how the exhaust gases are allowed to collide due to the firing order, and inside the manifold on their way out.”. Scania is introducing a new range of gearboxes, representing an investment of 400 million Euros. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Pretty much all I-6 will have a longer stroke than bore meaning slower to rev but more torque down low. While the use of thinner, more effective modern oils is a factor here, the improvements in advanced long-life oils in recent years are not sufficient on their own; the engine itself must also be developed to capitalise on the possibilities: “Raising the pressure and the power output requires that several comp­onents inside the engine, including gears, pistons, rings, cylinder heads and valves, are refined and reinforced,” says Lindh. With this new top of the line Scania is again the ‘King of the Road’ with the strongest truck in series production in the world. The new Scania V8 now takes the title of the most powerful truck in series production in the world with 770hp. With this new top of the line Scania is again the ‘King of the Road’ with the strongest truck in series production in the world. Scania is updating its V8 engine range with the launch of four new models which the company said are suitable for heavy haulage, forestry and other on and off-highway applications. Scania’s New 770HP V8 Range. Powered by Headway, the drag and drop WordPress theme, Copyright © 2021 Iepieleaks | Cookie informatie | Cookie statement | Privacy policy, Toyota works with Hino on Fuel Cell truck for USA, IRU promotes longer combinations for decarbonisation, DAF LF Electric for zero emission urban distribution, New Volkswagen Amarok V6 2016 |, Scania Construction trucks spotted – Iepieleaks, (update) Scania testing G- Highline with construction details, Scania nextgen low- entry cab – Iepieleaks. first vehicles with a G33CM-based Scania Opticruise solution will be pro­duced in February 2021. It has a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) only after-treatment system, a robust, fixed geometry turbocharger and the same kind of single-bank exhaust mani­folds as the other three V8s”. The overall pressure and inlet control are enhanced with improved diagnostics for increased uptime and performance. More Scania news on the way! Available in variants of 530, 590, 660 and a record 770 bhp, Scania reckons the new engines deliver significant fuel savings of up to 6 per cent when combined with its new gearbox range, which has been launched simultaneously. The range-topping member of Scania’s V8 family is the new DC16 123 engine. Scania V8 technology at its peak: Fuel savings of up to three percent. “This necessitates advanced fine-tuning and improve­ments The mighty 770 hp engine is the world’s strongest commercially produced truck engine. An­other new feature is that for increased responsiveness, the 770 horsepower power unit has a unique, fixed geometry turbocharger with ball bearings rather than traditional journal bearings. The company acknowledges that renewable fuels and electrification is the future but there’s at least another 10 years left for the internal combustion engine and diesel fuel too, it says. Four new V8 engines and powertrains offer fuel savings of up to 6% ; 530, 590, 660 and 770 hp - a line-up of unsurpassed V8 power ; Low internal friction, updated turbocharger and smart auxiliaries Rear View Mirror Part 4 – a look back through our digital archive. Scania’s new V8 engines not only offer record level power but vastly improved fuel efficiency as well. (574 kW) – 3700 Nm (Scania R770 XT) Engines rewritten for 1.39 – sounds of standard V8 from SCS Software. Replacing the outgoing 730hp V8, Scania leapfrogs fellow Swede, Volvo with ‘just’ 750hp in their flagship FH750 to … Scania julkaisi syyskuussa 2020 uuden 770 S -mallin, josta tuli markkinoiden tehokkain kuorma-auto. A new 770 horsepower output V8 headlines an updated range of heavy duty Scania engines announced last week. Includes a FREE 24 page DAF mag too…. # Scania # V8 # R770. The new Engine Management System (EMS) enables a smarter and more advanced engine control software with higher accuracy. The total savings can reach up to six percent – or even more – under the right conditions, when the new G33 gearbox is included in the powertrain. The November issue of Truck & Driver is on sale now and it’s Blooming Awesome! Get from Scania company required licenses and add to game DC13 540 hp I6 engine and DC16 530 hp V8, 590 hp V8, 660 hp V8 and 770 hp V8 engines to the game. torque: 3700 Nm at 1000-1450 r/min Emission control: SCR Turbo: FGT, water cooled ball bearing Camshaft: Normal Renewable fuel: HVO We can, for instance, calculate more precisely how much fuel is needed, and when.”. First examples are expected to … The This website uses cookies to improve your experience. “Not only are they lighter and more efficient, but they also contribute to the distinctive V8 sound that so many Scania customers and V8 fans appreciate. It also manufactures diesel engines for heavy vehicles as well as marine and general industrial applications.. Scania was formed in 1911 through the merger of Södertälje-based Vabis and Malmö-based Maskinfabriks-aktiebolaget Scania. The new pump is also optimised for minimising Scania have revealed their new V8 with more power and better fuel economy. Revisions to Scania’s unique flagship V8 engine range see its top offering now rated at 770 hp, while a new automated transmission and drive axle reduce parasitic drag and save weight and fuel. With its benchmark capabilities, the new AMT range has been designed to ensure Scania’s successful, low-rev and fuel-efficient powertrains maintain their premium standing within the transport industry over the coming decade. “Here the biggest difference is evident,” says Lindh. With the extra dosing, the aftertreatment strategy is improved and contributes to better fuel efficiency. Models include R SERIES, P SERIES, 3 SERIES, 4 SERIES, G SERIES, ANSAIR, 2 SERIES, K124, and R530. DEF by CeraEx, i’m just working on Badges and DEF Files Recommended using V8 Stock Sound by With its output of 770 horsepower it replaces the previous highest output model which provided 730 horsepower. With outstanding operating economy and uptime. The EMS interacts with the Aftertreatment Management System (AMS). A core feature is the wider spread of ratios, making them better suited to meet our low-rev engines with extended economy-gearing and reduced fuel consumption.”. 16.4L for one but a v8 will make its power higher in the rpm range compared to an inline 6. With its massive output of 770hp, it replaces the previous top-of-the-line showpiece that sported 730 hp. (574 kW) – 3700 Nm (Scania 770S) 770 l. from. Cylinders: V8 Swept volume: 16,4 litres Max. By reducing internal losses, substantial gains have been achieved. For Euro 5 customers, Scania continues to offer the 620hp V8 which will be mated to the new generation G33CM gearbox. The engine is lighter, uses SCR only and is more fuel efficient. Will Shiers. ... the scania 770 engine has 2720ft lbs of torque and 770 hp, what american\australian trucks beats its torque or hp? Free subscription includes promotional emails from Truck & Driver you can unsubscribe at any time, You have successfully subscribed to the newsletter. Scania has launched four new SCR-only V8 engines, including a 770hp (3,700Nm) range-topping flagship, which trumps the Volvo FH16 750 as Europe’s most powerful production truck. Scania has presented the new V8 engine with outputs of 530, 590, 660 and 770 Hp. Regardless which of the four new Scania V8 units is chosen for an application or specific transportation task, all are strong bearers of the heritage and reputation for reliability, robustness and power built by Scania’s V8s over more than five decades: “These are truly magnificent engines, with a short, sturdy crankshaft and smooth power delivery from the multicylinder configuration. 770 l. from. “The new single-bank manifolds actually come with a perk,” explains Lindh. For more news, views and reviews on all aspects of the truck And even more new Scania P-models on the road! – Iepieleaks. To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser. Vääntömomenttia on myös ennätysmäiset 3700 Nm. The range will retain the well-established Scania Opticruise branding, and will ultimately replace all current automated Scania Opticruise solutions. Scania has presented the new V8 engine with outputs of 530, 590, 660 and 770 Hp. The new Scania V8 powertrain kickstarts an incredible driving experience. A new Opticruise gearbox for the V8 does have eight (yes 8) reverse gears. I am proud to say that we have managed to reconcile these somewhat conflicting objectives”. Both are critical when it comes to meeting the current and coming Euro 6 regulations re­garding nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter – not only when the truck is new, but also over time  as the legal demand is for at least seven years or 700,000 kilometres. Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or you have it turned off. Rear View Mirror Part 3: Another look back at some great old trucks from our digital archive including some rare and unusual stuff! This page is having a slideshow that uses Javascript. Scania 770S V8 Badge + Engine mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2. In addition to being more powerful (530hp, 590hp, … A major difference between them is that the 770 horsepower V8 is based on the same, updated platform as the rest of the new V8 range. Here’s all the press material we were sent by Scania on Monday. Our V8 engine family provides the power needed for the job. This is big news. With its output of 770 horsepower it replaces the previous highest output model which provided 730 horsepower. Scania AB is a major Swedish manufacturer headquartered in Södertälje, focusing on commercial vehicles—specifically heavy lorries, trucks and buses. Ez már valóság? Please try again. The new model range includes four models with 530hp, 590hp, 660hp and a flagship with 770hp. Koko uudistetun V8-malliston tehot ovat 530, 590, 660 ja 770 … The new top of the line Scania does have a 770 HP engine, alongside updated versions of the V8 range (530, 590 and 660 hp). Scania tops power table with 770 hp V8. Scania is promising fuel savings of up to 6% from its new range of V8 engines and new gearbox. With its output of 770 horsepower it replaces the previous highest output model which provided 730 horsepower. 59 VOLVO FM400 MANUAL PTO HYDRAULICS AND 9 CAR VAN TRANSPORTER, 2017 Scania R Series 450HP 6x2/2 High Roof Sleeper, Sign up here for our free Truck & Driver Newsletter, New range of automated manual transmission (AMT) gearboxes, designed for drivability and sustainability, Gearboxes with a wider spread, one percent less fuel consumption and less noise, Lighter, improved gear-shifting, handles up to 3,700 Nm of torque, All-aluminium houses, reduced internal losses and economy gear ratios, Improved retarder capacity and a range of smart power take-offs available, Ensures internal combustion engine (ICE) solutions continue supporting sustainable transports. engine oil consumption, and the compression ratio and maximum cylinder pressure have been raised to further improve combustion and fuel efficiency. “There are no quantum leaps, it is all about refining things and adding the latest technology. “The new gearbox range is a prime example of Scania’s technological excellence, bringing increased fuel and transport efficiency to our customers in a sustainable way.”. October 28, 2020. “Our new gearboxes offer the improve­ments that are needed for more efficient and sustainable road transport in the coming decade. There was an error while trying to send your request. Scania has stolen Swedish rival Volvo’s crown with the world’s most powerful production truck. “The increased power comes together with significant fuel savings, savings that we were able to reach thanks to the introduction of the latest technologies. The engine is lighter, uses SCR only and is more fuel efficient. Today Scania launched its updated V8 range. In the Mod there are 2 engines. Vagy csak a VR? However, the most impressive member of Scania’s V8 family is, of course, the new DC16 123 engine. The shedding of some components and simplifying others has lowered the weight by 75 kilogrammes compared to its predecessor. The range-topping member of Scania’s V8 family is the new DC16 123 engine. Out on the road this week, look out for more on this in the Dec issue of T&D which is a “V8 Special”. “This introduction adds yet another vital Scania component to remaining highly com­petitive in ICE-based powertrains all the way up to 2030,” says Alexander Vlaskamp, Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing. Rönkszállítás VR szemüvegen keresztül. With an impressive torque of 3700 Nm, hills will never be as steep as before. driver’s life subscribe today. A major difference between them is that the 770 horsepower V8 is based on the same, updated platform as the rest of the new V8 range. A # Scanianál már csak így dívik. to reduce internal losses, especially since we also wanted to extend main­tenance intervals and strengthening durability. Scania is updating its V8 engine range with the launch of four new models – including a 770 bhp barnstormer. Available in variants of 530, 590, 660 and a record 770 hp, the company said the new engines deliver … Rear View Mirror Part 2: More great nostalgic photos from the Truck & Driver and Commercial Motor Archive for you to enjoy! September 29, 2020. The commercial vehicle manufacturer has launched new V8 engines it said sets a new benchmark of on-road output, vastly improved fuel efficiency in addition to the record 770 hp rating. TRUCKERS URGED TO FUEL UP FOR A HEALTHY HEART BY CHIPPENHAM PIT STOP – CHECK OUT THE MENU! Scania launches a 770hp V8 flagship and new Opticruise gearboxes. Scania Frederikssund er en del af Scania Danmark og er autoriseret Scania-forhandler og værksted. Luonnollisesti kyse on V8-moottorista. We hope you enjoyed this article! Scania has refreshed its 16-litre V8 engine range with four new models, including what it says is the industry’s most powerful series-produced engine, and 40hp larger than previously, at 770hp (759bhp). Product. One with modified stock V8 sound from Kriechbaum and one with the V8 open pipe sound, also from the master of sound, Kriechbaum. High pressure The Scania PRT-range (also known as Scania LPGRS-range or Scania PGRT-range), also referred to as new truck range or Scania's truck range, is the current range of trucks produced by the Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania.It was first introduced as the successor to the 4-series in spring 2004 with the high forward control cab Scania R-series, followed by the … Scania is updating its V8 engine range to include a whopping 770 horsepower version plus an all-new gearbox with improved fuel efficiency. Is it possible to include these new engine specs in the next update of ETS-2? Scania has a long and proud tradition in offering automated manual gearboxes under the Scania Opticruise name, which was first introduced in the early 1990s. Read all about it here!