The transmitter was running at full power for the final day. Radio Veronica. BNR Nieuwsradio. WDR-FREQUENZ: Bundesnetzagentur sucht Piratensender von Querdenkern; Radio Bluebird 1641 Khz ; For the first time a DJ set on shortwave: "Nine Sessions" on April 4, 2021; Logs; Piratensender an NL-Grenze ausgehoben; 105.2 Paradise raided ... Heute vor 20 Jahren ... BUNDESNETZAGENTUR IM EINSATZ Gigantischer Piratensendemast in Grafschaft Bentheim entdeckt – und stillgelegt; Radio … It replaced the old Borkum Riff lightship in November 1964 The ship stayed at sea for a year after the Dutch anti-radio ship law came in, but eventually came inshore. Use our service to find it! Unfortunately, the station stopped broadcasting. Initially advertisers were reluctant to buy airtime, but those that did reported increases in sales and gradually the station's revenue improved. DJ's that took part in the show were, Peter Holland, Bart van Leeuwen, Will Luikinga and Erik de Zwart. The lifeboat Bernard van Leer put to sea, an hour later the lifeboat had taken four crew off the ship and stood by. The owner of the Norderney, announced that the ship had been docked in Amsterdam. Radio Antwerpen commenced broadcasting on the 16th August. In the meantime you can listen to selections from a previous broadcast. 29th February. September. Hilversum 3, had planned to present a live programme from the Norderney, but cancelled it at the last moment. Hit Radio Veronica 1224 qsl-letter, mint stamps, 6 days. Although power did not guarantee RNI an audience, Radio Veronica's management were sufficiently worried about loss of advertising revenue that they planned to put RNI off the air. Online Radio Box uses cookies in order to provide the best service for our users. In the summer of 1973 Britain's Independent Broadcasting Authority began test transmissions on 557 kHz from an antenna at Lots Road Power Station in west London. These were the very first jingles produced in Holland. At the end of the month extremely rough weather for days on end resulted in the supply of taped programmes running out, and the news readers on board the Norderney were forced to present all programmes live. Radio 10 60's & 70's Hits. Kijk live naar Radio Veronica via 31st August. Offshore stationRadio Veronicawas a1960from 17 May to 31 August1974broadcast from theNorth Seawith programs focused onNetherlands. First test broadcast made from the Borkum Riff on 1620 kHz /185 Metres, with a power of 1,000 Watts. NPO 3FM. The Norderney reopened as a discotheque in Lelystad. Azot Radio. The Norderney was used in the town of Zoutkamp, Groningen, as a public house. Which has make them one of those few radios in Netherlands which plays adult contemporary music non only from the trending charts but also from a classical period of adult contemporary based music. The German language programmes were subsequently replaced by all-English programmes. Radio Veronica official website address is 10721 - H - 27500 - 3/4. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. 4th April. Schrittweise wurden sie die Programme Radio 1-4, Radio Drenthe, Arrow Jazz FM, 100%NL, Slam!FM, Sky Radio, Q-music, 538 und Radio Veronica eingeschaltet. Radio Veronica 103.2 FM Loon op Zand 96.3 FM Losser 103.1 FM Emmen 94.0 FM Rotterdam 103.2 FM 102.9 FM Lelystad 103.0 FM Amsterdam 91.6 FM 103.2 FM 102.9 F Caroline, although off the air with technical problems, also made an offer and Veronica accepted. Inzwischen wurde die Frequenz und der MW-Sender abgegeben. The Veronica organisation stated that it was starting a joint venture with Endemol, and that by September 1995 Holland FM would cease and become part of the Veronica organisation. BNR Nieuws Radio. Further tests started at 5.00am on. During the year Radio Veronica raised over 1,000,000 Guilders for the Kidney Foundation of Holland, Requests are played for listeners who paid 2.50 Guilders, and special records are released for the event. Veronica had been experiencing interference on 1562 kHz (192 m) from the Beromünster transmitter in Switzerland. NPO Radio 2. 19th April. Seven of the original shareholders withdraw their backing, leaving only Bull, Dirk and Jaap Verweij to run the station. At noon on 30 September 1972, Veronica broadcast a half-hour retrospective documentary. Radio 538. Holland FM was renamed Hit Radio Veronica. The studios and transmitters were undamaged and RNI went back on the air the following morning. Following its move to 538 metres, Veronica became known for its superbly crafted jingles and commercials. A 10,000 Watt transmitter was installed. RNI DJ Tony Allan, in Dutch, thanked Veronica for its 12½ years of broadcasting and reminded listeners of Veronica's new frequency, then welcomed them to the new sound of "RNI 2". This ended in 2001; in 2000 it sold its shares, and in 2001 the television station V8 was renamed Veronica TV, which began broadcasting on 20 September 2003. A small plane was hired and the programme tapes and food were secretly taken aboard the plane, then dropped onto the ships deck. For a short time the station also ran an English language service under the call letters CNBC (Commercial Neutral Broadcasting Company). App. The original Radio Veronica became the most popular station in the Netherlands. On 17 May 1971, Veronica's advertising director Norbert Jurgens was arrested and the following day, Veronica's director Bull Verweij was also arrested. The arrival of the English staff meant that extra studios were needed. Smit - Tak of Maassluis were given the job of refloating the ship, they dug a deep channel to allow the sea to reach the ship. Ars. Radio Antwerpen commenced broadcasting on the 16th August. It was claimed that Veronica's staff had sabotaged RNI's equipment, but by February 1971 RNI was back on the air, with a Dutch as well as an English service. 11804 - V - 27500 - 2/3. at that time) and the Telegraaf Media Groep (which consist of Sky Radio and Radio Veronica), which was announced in January 2016 to start a new joint venture between the radio stations, it became known in May 2016 that Talpa has fully owned RadioCorp BV (100% NL and Radio 10) and in turn added Radio 10 to the 538 … Broadcasting Hours. By late summer, Veronica was broadcasting on both Sunday and Wednesday nights. 29th November. The first Top Forty programme on Dutch radio was broadcast. The main backers involved were Mr J. Beeuwkes, Mr Will J. Hordijk, Mr Norbert Jurgens, Mr Max Lewin, Mr Kees Manders, Mr Henricus Oswald, Mr Lambertus Slootman and Dirk, Hendrick A. Listen live Radio Veronica with We use Cookies. Wavelength/ Frequency. From Saturday August 21st until Tuesday August 31st 1999 the … Logs 3 April 2021 4 hours ago SHORTWAVE BLOG FROM BELARUS. Lyt til Radio Veronica internetradio online. Radio Caroline, the former offshore radio station, now sending multiple music streams on the internet, also local full time DAB and regional AM on special weekends. On the night of 15 May 1971 three men in a rubber dinghy started a fire on the Mebo II which damaged the stern. It had the desired effect of creating interest in the station. Sublime FM - Fresh Jazzy. Thereafter the Mi Amigo relayed Veronica programmes from the Norderney for a few days. Tests broadcasts commenced between 02:00 - 05:00 on 558 kHz. 16th February. The Veronica organisation, through Endemol, had purchased fifty-three percent of the shares of Holland FM. The Dutch Chamber of Deputies voted ninety-five to thirty-seven in favour of outlawing the offshore stations, the act would become law on the 1st September 1974. Beatles day, twenty hours of nothing but Beatles music, an official world record. The ship was then towed to Dordrecht, and conversion work was started to turn the ship into a museum. 12th April. In fact Veronica had paid RNI 1 million guilders to go off the air for two months, and to enforce this agreement Veronica replaced the Mebo II's crew with their own staff. 13th November. Dezember 2007 sein Programm nachfolgend auf 1008 kHz aufgenommen. Veronica is a Dutch commercial television channel currently a part of Talpa TV (Talpa Network). 15th January. Regular broadcasts commenced. 28th November. English. Veronica 1224: Press Reports (NL) Press Reports (GB) 1224-Photos: Norderney: Radiodag: Memories: Home: Impressum & Datenschutzerklärung. The jamming stopped when the ship returned to the Netherlands, taking up position just one mile from the Norderney. link. The station faced its first serious competition in 1964 when Radio Noordzee and TV Noordzee began broadcasting from the REM Island, an artificial structure. Radio Veronica's advertising slowly increased throughout the year. During the night a hurricane force storm blew up, the worst in living memory, at 20:54 the Norderney announced she had lost her anchor and was drifting towards the shore and taking in water. Jeroen van Inckel, Lex Harding) in den ganzen Niedelanden auf UKW 102.x zu empfangen. RNI broadcast mayday calls. They hired a ship which was anchored off the coast of Scheveningen, which broadcast programmes via the Radio 1 frequency between the hours of 07:00 - 17:00. Radio Veronica. Lijst van de kanalen per sateliet. 1 (first 500) Singles that never reached the top 10 (first 250) One of the owners of Kink FM dropped out, and the remaining three partners were unwilling to pay extra. Sports, music, news and podcasts. In March Veronica sued RNI for breach of contract. Radio 10 NL. Radio Veronica - WE.LOVE.MUSIC. MUSIC Official release date of the double CD "Bull Verweij interview" in which he tells the story of Radio Veronica. 15:00 - 17:00 a live concert was broadcast of the Fortunes on the beach of Scheveningen. 17:30 Bull Verweij said his farewells, recorded earlier, he knew he could not read it out live. The ship was fitted with a horizontal antenna between the fore and aft masts, fed by a one-kilowatt transmitter. May. Frequenties | Radio Veronica. The continuing bad weather prevented the prerecorded programmes from reaching the ship, and non stop music was broadcast. Following the Dutch National Anthem, a Veronica jingle was played and the transmitter was switched off halfway through. Radio Decibel FM 98.0 Amsterdam. After Britain Radio and Radio England commenced broadcasting from the MV Olga Patricia, the DJ's and the owners of Radio Veronica, the Verweij Brothers, became envious of the jingles they had, and hired session singers and record producer Frans Mijts to produce the first "Veronica 192" jingle set. Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations. Visited=10. 100% NL. Frans Mijts went on to own a voice over and commercial production company. The channel was launched as TV10 Gold on 1 May 1995, then became TV10, Fox, Fox 8 and V8, before becoming Veronica on 20 September 2003. Radio Veronica, the former offshore radio station, temporarily returns to the air on 1224 kHz mediumwave remembering the station´s closedown on August 31st 1974 Radio Veronica on 1224 . Webseite. Veronica refused, claiming the right to renew the contract. This will play with the click of a button without the need of browsing to the Veronica website and launch a separate player window there. Veronica Concertzender broadcasting from the Astra satellite. More statistics ; Singles in Dutch; Singles in other languages (except English) Singles that never reached no. 3rd November. Radio Veronica broadcast a top 40 format during the daytime, but in the evenings and late at night some specialist shows were aired, some in Indonesian. Radio Veronica. Hier kun je live kijken naar de studio van Veronica. Radio Veronica was an offshore radio station that began broadcasting in 1960, and broadcast offshore for over fourteen years. Tweet radioveronica . 18th April. Worse was to come. A number of the station's directors, including Bull Verweij and his brother Jaap, were on board the ship during the final hour, as were many of the staff. Arrow Classic Rock. Radio Veronica: 162 Dut : 11070.9 H tp B3 Europe A 0: DVB-S 176 3/4: 17629: BNR Nieuwsradio?-? Friends and relatives, don't worry" and the station left the air. AFN Legacy. link. Radio Veronica broadcast advertisements for a period of one week for the new Radio Antwerpen station in a deal stuck between the Verweij brothers and Georges de Caluwe. Not to be confused with Radio Veronica (Talpa Radio) or Radio Veronica. NPO Radio 3FM. Dutch radio nl RNI Duitsland Radio 199 Big L internet Wereldstad Rotterdam Seabreeze 1395 Grou. Radio 10 - Grootste Hits allertijden. Radio Nordsee International (RNI), owned by two Swiss businessmen, initially broadcast German and English programmes from its ship MV Mebo II anchored off the Dutch Coast, but later moved to the British coast in early 1970 but was jammed by the British government. (Met Dank aan Hepke) Hier in Osnabrück ist der Empfang aus NL leider nicht so gut. Radio Veronica . Nach einer Übergangsphase hat der ebenfalls niederländische Sender „Groot Nieuws Radio“ am 1. Veronica's membership had grown to unbelievable proportions (about 100,000) but the Dutch Government still refused to issue a licence. On 5 January 1971 Bollier boarded the Mebo II, dismissed the Veronica-appointed captain, and took command himself. Veronica returned to the air on 557 kHz as scheduled, and listeners in the Netherlands and Belgium reported improved reception. LOVE. 11512 - H - 30000 - 8/9. From the 1st Januari 1965, three months before the Norderney took over, the station became still more popular by adopting the format of real rock radio. The court found in favour of RNI and the case tarnished Veronica's reputation. All on board were rescued and the fire was extinguished. You can leave your e-mail and we will let you know when the broadcast of the station will be online again: 5.5 1015 Dut: Jamie A 200314 : 11071.6 H tp B3 Europe A 0: DVB-S 547 1/2: Castor Networks: 1-17152: 2.7 : A Lenselink DX-Boerny 210104: 1000: 100% NL: 101 Dut: 2000: Slam! Simple one button solution to listen to the Radio Veronica (NL) audio stream in browser. October. But, while the station boasts the fact that it was well liked by the people of Holland, it must be remembered that it paid for the Radio Noordzee ship to be removed — the people concerned set light to the engine room and it exploded on the 15th May 1971. An increase of signal strength by a Swiss station on the same frequency, causes extreme interference to Veronica at night. SLAM!FM. Back to … Ab 01.06. ist Radio 538, betrieben von ehemaligen Radio Veronica-Jocks (u.a. Podcasts. Hit Radio Veronica 1224 qsl-letter, mint stamps, 6 days. RADIONL und Arrow Classic Rock Noord sollen laut am Montag folgen. Chairs and tables were placed in the bridge. Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}51°13′55″N 4°24′58″E / 51.23194°N 4.41611°E / 51.23194; 4.41611, This article is about a historical Dutch radio station. Twenty years after the close down of Radio Veronica as an offshore station, they broadcast their last programme as a public broadcasting society. NPO Radio 5. The Commercial Neutral Broadcasting Company made its first broadcast using the Radio Veronica transmitter. During this month, the Norderney, became the home for Radio Veronica, using its10,000 Watt transmitter (at night power was reduced to 2,000 Watts). WE. NPO Radio 1. The arrival of a more powerful rival was to cause repercussions for Veronica. The QSL shows the Radio Veronia ship with the text " Veronica 1224 21-31 august 1999 ". Lex Harding Starts Radio 538, broadcasting from the Astra Satellite, replacing the Dutch station 'Hit Radio'. For a couple of days a low power message was broadcast asking people to tune to 538 Metres (558 kHz). Joost den Draayer came back with many new ideas for the station, including car stickers and tee shirts. Radio Veronica. 12:00 Radio Veronica was back on air, broadcasting from the Mi Amigo on 1187 kHz / 253 Metres with a power of 10,000 Watts. RNI counter claimed that they had tried to repay the money as they wished to resume broadcasting. They broadcast from Bradford, but their strong signal could be heard over a wide area. 11804 - V - 27500 - 2/3. News summaries were broadcast each hour, at 2 minutes before the hour. Despite all the pro-Veronica campaigning, the Dutch government passed its anti-pirate legislation and announced that the law was to come into effect on 1 September 1974. Radio Veronica. Radio Veronica from 1960 to 1990 archive footage of the legendry Offshore Station.More info @